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first submarine

115 years ago, the first submarine with an internal combustion engine, the Holland VI was launched today in 1897.

Elvis is drafted!

Today in 1957, Elvis received his draft notice.

168 years ago,

Today in 1844 was the first time nitrous oxide was used as an anesthetic when dentist Horace Wells used it to perform an extraction.

Rebreather certified!

pre-dive check of the Hollis Prism 2

Sid performing his pre-dive check of the Hollis Prism 2 rebreather

Just got back from Dutch Springs last week. I’m now certified on the Hollis Prism 2 rebreather! These things are great. I can’t get over the silence. It’s actually a bit un-nerving at first; you don’t hear the normal pneumatic sounds of an all-familiar regulator whining at every breath. But another look at your gauges reassure you that yes, it really is working!