Oceanic’s Warrior Program and USA Product Line

Oceanic Launches USA Product Line to Demonstrate Commitment to Veterans

Oceanic is pleased to present the USA product line. This initiative has been in the planning stages for years and has finally come to fruition. Throughout the years Oceanic has supported the myriad of programs that engage our injured military personnel and introduce them to the sport of diving. This year it was time to launch their own signature program. With the funding made available from the sales of the USA product line, Oceanic hopes to reach and support many more of these veterans than previously possible.

The USA product line is attractively styled, appropriately in red, white, and blue. 7% of Oceanic’s sales from the USA line will be committed each year towards this program. They anticipate that this program should provide $250 to each of 300-350 qualified veterans. The $250 will be applied directly to the veterans gear purchases who are taking introductory scuba classes through Pisces School of Dive and other participating Oceanic Dealers Nationwide.
Oceanic Launches USA Product Line to Demonstrate Commitment to Veterans scuba equipment  wounded warriors veterans USA Product Line scuba diving Oceanic

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